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Women like to look slim and impressive. Use of corset has come to aid women. Even a broad waist woman can showcase her waist as a slim one and can also achieve the same using corset. It comes in various shapes. Some of them are hourglass shape, conical shape, waist cincher, elizabethan, Sbend, and pipe stem corset. An hourglass shape corset is slightly curvy hence it fits around the ribs. Conical shape corset appears like an inverted cone and shapes the lower floating ribs. This type of corset is difficult to wear in the initial stage. Waist cincher is worn around the stomach and does not shape the ribs as needed. Elizabethan corset is similar to the one which was used in early ages with straps. The corsets are also available as per the body types such as tall, slim, curvy and petite. It can also be worn occasionally on top of the costume as a fashion. It comes in various attractive colors such as red, black, white, pink and royal blue. Corset which does not fit the body properly is of no use. Hence one has to consider the shape, style, material, and color of the corset before purchasing. Images courtesy nomadeyes.com